Planes, trains, and automobiles … wait, make mine the Hyperloop!

I like the idea

Beth Byrnes

I have been a traveler all my life and absolutely loved it.  Most of that travel was while I was growing up, in high school and college, and then graduate school.  Some when I was first married.  I have a lot less time to do it now and the urge has abated.

One reason is, I really have never felt safe flying.  It is some sort of phobia, as well as the fact that I like to be in control and at 30,000 feet one is pretty much stranded.  I remember the exact time it started, too.  My mother and I were on our way back from Italy.  We were on  a 747 and suddenly, I was terrified of being on that plane.  I have scoured my brain to figure out what triggered the development of this fear so suddenly and can only think it might have been a delayed…

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