The Internet, ‘Iron man’ and the Future?



It’s not facebook, or twitter. This is not about social networking but I can’t stand being offline for extended periods of time. Did I say extended? That would suggest that as long it’s not up to a week, or month, I’m perfectly fine. That’s not true. My problem arises each time I have a thought or question and the internet is not immediately available to provide the facts I need to work -or is think with. Whether it’s news of what the Koreans are up to again, the implications of China’s first aircraft carrier, or the changing tide of the US’ historic war on drugs. Somewhere, somehow, something is always happening that I want to know about and it sure isn’t covered on the radio or television.
Just three days ago (on August 12th)  Elon Musk -The real life inspiration behind Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of Ironman in…

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